Energy Star Fridges Can Save You Money

For many people, saving on power bills and looking after the environment are great considerations, and for this reason many people are now looking at buying energy star refrigerators, since these are made specifically to use less electricity over a long period of time. The first thing you need to do in choosing an Energy Star refrigerator is look at the refrigerator ratings in order to get an idea of how much power you actually save.

Once you have done this you can decide on the particular refrigerator style you want, perhaps a French door refrigerator with an Energy Star rating or one that has a certain size such as 14.5 cu ft or a 42 inch high Energy Star refrigerator, for instance. Honing in on a particular refrigerator type will save you a lot of time on research and help you get the best deal in your particular situation.

If you are looking for a particular type from a particular manufacturer, perhaps a Whirlpool top freezer Energy Star refrigerator, for instance, it is a good idea to check out the website of the particular manufacturer to get the best information. However, if you're looking for a particular type from any manufacturer, perhaps something such as a counter depth refrigerator, going to some of the consumer websites where you will find a huge number of Energy Star refrigerator ratings is probably the best deal.

The good news is that Energy Star models come in almost every different type you can imagine, including low freezer refrigerators, undercounter types, French door refrigerators, and sliding door models. By choosing which particular type you want before you do your research into the ratings you will be able to get much clearer idea of what is right for you. You also need to look at the accessories you may need, since these can be important to the overall functioning of the unit, and can include ice trays, ice makers, water dispensers, and things such as automatic thermostats and a self defrost mechanism.

You also need to look at the noise level of the unit you choose, making sure that there have been no reports of problems with energy star refrigerators in your particular type. Some noisy refrigerators can really spoil the sense of peace in your house so this is a problem worth while looking into.

If you have a small kitchen, compact refrigerators, or a built-in energy Star compliant refrigerator could be a great choice, after which you need to think about the actual storage size of the unit itself, which can range from 18 cu ft to 22, and up to 25 cu ft for the larger models. If you are looking to get a rebate for buying an Energy Star refrigerator unit check that the unit you buy is actually compliant. There are various labeling requirements for these units, whether for domestic or commercial use, and these will tell you whether the unit is actually Energy Star qualified or not.

Once you have got all this information you can take a look at the less important styles and choices, such as whether you have a white or stainless steel finish, whether it comes from a particular manufacturer such as Whirlpool, Amanda, or GE, all of which have energy Star models that have a good reputation.

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